Tessaro - Our company


The company TESSARO founded in the early 1970s, was specialized in precision mechanical machining, and over time, has distinguished itself in the market of mould manufacture and the moulding of plastic materials.

Over the years, TESSARO has been taking part to several national and overseas fairs, creating its own brand, thus making its business take off in the various countries of the world.
The company has established itself in the production of plastic components for the furniture market, in particular in components for furniture, community and office chairs, tables and beds.

This constant search for new markets and products, leads TESSARO to have a department with injection presses from 65 up to 400 tons, assembly processes of various components with advanced technology systems, ultrasonic welding, all with integrated systems with INDUSTRY 4.0.
Paying special attention to the eco-sustainability, our company adopts hybrid and electric systems for energy saving and CO2 reduction in the environment (HYBRID ENERGY SAVING).

TESSARO is still exporting its production all over the world, gaining trust and good value for money opinions from its customers.